Fermentation Research Scientist

Location: Englewood, CO


Gevo’s mission is to transform renewable energy and carbon into energy-dense liquid hydrocarbons. These liquid hydrocarbons can be used for drop-in transportation fuels such as gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel fuel, that when burned have potential to yield net-zero greenhouse gas emissions when measured across the full lifecycle of the products. Gevo uses low-carbon renewable resource-based carbohydrates as raw materials, and is in an advanced state of developing renewable electricity and renewable natural gas for use in production processes, resulting in low-carbon fuels with substantially reduced carbon intensity (the level of greenhouse gas emissions compared to standard petroleum fossil-based fuels across their lifecycle). Gevo’s products perform as well or better than traditional fossil-based fuels in infrastructure and engines, but with substantially reduced greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to addressing the problems of fuels, Gevo’s technology also enables certain plastics, such as polyester, to be made with more sustainable ingredients. Gevo’s ability to penetrate the growing low-carbon fuels market depends on the price of oil and the value of abating carbon emissions that would otherwise increase greenhouse gas emissions. Gevo believes that its proven, patented, technology enabling the use of a variety of low-carbon sustainable feedstocks to produce price-competitive low carbon products such as gasoline components, jet fuel, and diesel fuel yields the potential to generate project and corporate returns that justify the build-out of a multi-billion-dollar business.


Gevo is seeking a Fermentation Research Scientist to join Gevo in our corporate headquarters in Englewood, Colorado. The position will support activities within the fermentation and process development areas. The Fermentation Research Scientist will prepare media, set up, operate, clean and maintain fermentation and recovery equipment at the bench and pilot plant scale, collect and record experiment samples, perform sample assays, perform data analysis and reporting, and maintain supply stocks. The individual will may be required to work shifts with evening hours as experiments dictate. Individual will also be required to work periodically at a commercial plant location outside of Colorado.


  • A Masters level degree in microbiology or biological sciences or a Bachelors degree with 3 to 5 yrs experience in microbiology specifically related to industrial  fermentation processes
  • Demonstrated mechanical ability to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair laboratory equipment.
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to develop, set up, execute, and interpret experimental data
  • Demonstrated ability to quickly learn, apply new concepts and techniques, and perform quality control of data generated
  • The candidate for this position must be a clear communicator, able to work and think independently, be a team player and willing to work overtime on occasion 
  • Flexible work hours and travel (~10% time annually) are required for this position


  • Accurately and precisely preparing and analyzing samples in complex matrices for GC, LC and IC.
  • Specialized knowledge includes aseptic technique, operation of bench fermenters, use of laminar flow hoods, use of autoclaves, serial dilutions, streak plates, membrane filter plating, light microscopy, cell counting by hemocytometer, gram staining, and cell culture maintenance
  • Experience in designing, performing, and analyzing data from fermentations at the bench scale in shake flasks or fermenters
  • Equipment and glassware cleaning, assembly and sterilization of laboratory equipment.
  • Medium preparation, filtration and/or in situ sterilization
  • Operation of bench and pilot plant fermentation and/or shake flask and supporting equipment systems
  • Equipment maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Execution of experiment and sampling protocols; provide feedback and improve experiment and sampling protocols while using
  • Perform basic fermentation assays, including YSI sugar measurements, micropipetting, dilutions, cell counts, sample preparation for GC, LC, or IC, accurate volumetric and gravimetric measurements
  • Able to identify errors or areas for improvement, provide recommendations and follow through tasks to completion
  • Perform quality statistical analysis of experimental results and routinely monitoring accuracy and precision of data collected
  • Able to prepare and deliver information in a concise, accurate and professionally written format.
  • Write, improve, and maintain Standard Operation Procedures
  • Document experimental runs by maintaining accurate and thorough lab notebook and electronic documentation
  • Write technical reports to communicate results within team and across departments
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal/teamwork skills are required 
  • Respects fellow teammates and works well across teams to accomplish team goals
  • Collaborate with Analytical Chemists for HPLC and GC sample prep, analysis, and data reporting
  • Experienced with Microsoft Office products (proficiency with Excel in particular), Data Acquisition/Data Analysis Software and/or with database software
  • Required to work morning or evening hours and an occasional weekend as required for experiments
  • Able to lift 15 – 40 pounds

Gevo offers a competitive annual base salary range of $65,000-$75,000, a generous vacation package, 401K plan, paid Medical, Dental and Vision insurance as well as an annual cash bonus & equity award (subject to Board of Director Approval). If interested, please submit a letter of interest, resume and salary requirements to careers@gevo.com. Please no phone calls or agency submissions.