Learn About Gevo’s Values

Get a greater understanding of Gevo’s values, which guide everything we do.

We Put People First

We are passionately committed to our people and their families. From the health, safety, and well-being at work and in our communities, to the non-profit and volunteerism efforts of our staff, to making sure our colleagues have the flexibility to be engaged with their communities and loved ones.

We strive to cultivate a culture that allows team members to bring their whole person to work to produce authentic relationships because we know that Gevo is nothing without all of us, together.

We Are Agile

While we are focused, we are not naïve regarding change, and we are poised to respond. Data drives science and science improves data. We adapt quickly to change, and. value panning and agile decision-making to allow us to. respond quickly and meaningfully to new opportunities.

Our team thrives on the internal mobility of job roles and we embrace cross-functional assignments and collaboration. The world isn’t perfect and neither are we, but we work hard and together to find solutions within this reality.

We Are Mission-Focused

We believe that we have the opportunity to make the world a better place for current and future generations. We see that we have technology and business approaches that contribute to greenhouse gas and sustainability solutions.

We are resilient, tenacious, and committed to this purpose. We believe all parties across business systems can work together and benefit in an equitable way. We see the opportunities to create rewarding jobs, to catalyze the deployment of renewable energy where it may not otherwise be developed and do it all with a net-zero carbon footprint. It’s on us to maximize profitability while showing the world what can be done when people across business systems work together.

We Are Innovators

From technology to business systems, Gevo is a thought and action leader for sustainability. We think about business systems and the whole life-cycle impacts of our products, because that engagement is critical to understanding how we can truly make an impact.

The diversity of our team and skill sets allows us to excel in biology, chemistry, engineering, agriculture, supply chain logistics, and other aspects of our business that are just beginning to emerge. You can’t evolve unless you are involved. Gevo is leading the charge.