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We developed technology based on the best synthetic biology, best classic biology, and best chemical industry production techniques to convert carbohydrates to low carbon chemicals and fuels. Our source of carbon is CO2 in the atmosphere, the GHG itself, captured by plants in the form of carbohydrates. The plants are grown with sustainable growing methods wherever possible, building soil quality and carbon levels. We like to capture the protein produced by the plants, add more from fermentation, and supply it to the feed and food markets. The carbohydrates are separated from the protein and fermented via specially designed yeast to make low cost alcohols like ethanol, isobutanol, and higher alcohols. The alcohols can be sold directly for chemical or fuel use. We especially like to take the alcohols and convert using chemical industry catalytic processes to produce jet fuel, gasoline, polyester, rubber products, as well as specialty chemicals, fine chemicals, and ingredients for flavors and fragrances.

“Our mission is to replace fossil based fuels and chemicals with low carbon, cleaner alternatives while generating products that help feed the world.”


Products to Feed the World

Animal feed and Protein. If you care about nutrition and worry about malnutrition, then you must care about protein, because it is protein that is most needed. Inexpensive animal feed and protein products enable lower cost food sources. When we process certain kinds of plant matter, like corn, we capture very large quantities of protein from that corn in animal feed. Our plant in Luverne produces more animal feed on a tonnage basis than it does alcohols. Producing feed AND protein matters to us. Making products that contribute to nutrition matters to us and the world.

Products to Make the World More Natural

Flavors. Fragrances. Ingredients for consumer and personal care products.  We see opportunities to use our proprietary technology to make natural flavors, fragrances, and ingredients for consumer products.  It’s all part of maximizing the value of what we know how to do.


Soil:Capturing Carbon

Healthy soil enables renewable, sustainable, carbon raw materials.  Around our plant in Luverne, MN did you know that soil carbon is increasing as farmers use sustainable farming practices?  Carbon is building in the soil, while crops are being produced.  We’d like to see a business system that links and rewards farmers for improving sustainability of growing crops and improving the land and ecosystems.  What will it take?  It takes a business system that values sustainability throughout the whole supply chain.  Gevo has the potential to make the connections happen and accelerate sustainable development of and growth of raw materials to displace petro-based carbon.  For more information on soil carbon and farming practices around Luverne, MN, click here.

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