A Circular Economy Built Around Every Plant

At Gevo, Inc., we’re scaling up our production of advanced renewable fuel. But each production facility also is the center of a circular economy in partnership with local farmers. Watch the video to how it works, then read more.

The Circular Economy Is Not as Complex as You May Think

Technology has caught up with the way the world needs to work, and Gevo has been on the vanguard of evolving renewable fuel technology. These advanced fuels have enough energy to power cars, trucks, boats, and airplanes. They meet or exceed the standards set and upheld for petroleum-based fuels (standards written with petroleum-based fuels in mind), and if they meet those standards, they can be freely mixed and blended with those fuels with no impact on performance.

Now we have the technology to reverse the cycle, and begin to turn back the clock to the days before the world was powered by fossil fuels. We need to use the carbon already in circulation, in combination with the world’s existing system, to help our world keep functioning and, at the same time, begin to heal itself.

Read about The Circular Economy in this Gevo whitepaper.






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