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Products to Make the World More Natural

Polyester.  Gevo has developed fully renewable carbon-based para-xylene, a key ingredient to convert petro-based polyester for fibers and bottles to 100% renewable content.  This development work, sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company and Toray, proved the technology works. This market will matter in the future, once low carbon chemical products and materials are valued like low carbon fuels.


Flavors. Fragrances. IngredientsWe see opportunities to use our proprietary technology to make natural flavors, fragrances, and ingredients for consumer and personal care products.  It’s all part of maximizing the value of what we know how to do.   Stay tuned.


Industrial Solvents. Substituting petro-based chemicals with natural, renewable carbon based copycats is what we try to do at Gevo.  It works for solvents too. Products like isobutanol, kerosene, octane, all can make a difference.

Renewable Hydrogen and Propylene.  We’ve developed a technology called ETO that converts alcohols to renewable hydrogen and propylene.  Propylene is a building block that can be used to make plastics, or converted into renewable diesel fuel.  Renewable hydrogen has potential to solve a problem for fuel cell companies, car companies, and refineries.  We are looking for partners to develop this technology commercially.

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