Take Carbon Out of the Equation

Gevo makes low-carbon, renewable biofuel for a variety of markets, with customers ranging from huge industrial and commercial clients to consumers.

There’s no limit to the benefits of reduced carbon intensity—every gallon of biofuel can potentially replace a gallon of fossil fuel—and potentially provide benefits that will encourage every industry to turn to biofuel for their energy and transportation needs.

Watch the Video: Learn about Gevo’s game-changing technology—whole gallons of renewable fuel with potential net-zero carbon emissions, and that works with all engines and infrastructure.


Sustainable Aviation Fuel, Changing What Is Possible

By Dr. Patrick Gruber, PhD, CEO, Gevo, Inc. Air travel has taken some serious lumps over the last couple of years. The pandemic hit, and fear of infection and crowded airports and planes combined with travel restrictions to reduce passenger flow to a trickle. Social media became a forum to highlight scenes of reduced air...
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Reducing Air Pollution with Praj

From the rice harvest in India, the rice straw had traditionally been burned, releasing huge clouds of smoke across the countryside. This smoke contains carbon dioxide, which creates substantial impact on public health.
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Webinar: Clean Cities & Gevo

Municipal governments can take a leadership role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by partnering with Gevo through a Clean Cities program. The vehicles in service now can help hit emissions targets simply by changing fuel, thanks to our advanced bio-based renewable fuels with net-zero carbon emissions. Watch the webinar to learn more.
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Cities Can Take the Lead to Cut Pollution and Improve Air Quality

Advanced bio-based renewable fuels can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of cities today and begin to solve the world’s carbon-footprint problems at the same time.
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