Reducing Greenhouse Gases One City at a Time

What should Clean Cities and Government fleet managers know about Gevo? We are going after the whole gallon of gasoline. Beyond our 50-percent-renewable gasoline (RG50) we are developing a 100-percent-renewable gasoline to help fleet managers address their greenhouse-gas reduction goals cost-effectively. In addition to on-road solutions, Gevo also produces renewable jet fuel for those municipalities who need to reduce the greenhouse gases associated with aircraft and soon intends to have an alcohol-derived low-carbon renewable diesel free of particulates and sulfur.

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Gevo’s Renewable Gasoline Will Power Seattle’s City Fleet Vehicles
Gevo has made the winning bid in a competitive process conducted by the City of Seattle to provide renewable gasoline to its fleet vehicles. Gevo has been awarded a four (4) year contract, with three (3) two-year extensions, to supply at minimum 200,000 gallons/year of renewable isobutanol and 600,000 gallons/year renewable isooctane (“renewable gasoline”) to the City of Seattle to displace fossil-based gasoline part of Seattle’s Green Fleet Action Plan (GFAP).

Gevo’s Low-Carbon Renewable Isobutanol Program Succeeded in Lowering Seattle’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions in a Test
Gevo announced the successful completion of the City of Seattle’s Phase I trial pilot of fleet vehicles utilizing Gevo’s low carbon, renewable drop-in isobutanol blended gasoline to reduce greenhouse gas emissions form its fleet of vehicles.The City confirmed they saw 18 metric tons of carbon reduction during the Phase I pilot trial using Gevo’s low carbon, renewable fuel and zero adverse effects to their fleet vehicles.