Reducing Greenhouse Gases One City at a Time

What should Clean Cities and Government fleet managers know about Gevo? We are going after the whole gallon of gasoline. Beyond our 50-percent-renewable gasoline (RG50) we are developing a 100-percent-renewable gasoline to help fleet managers address their greenhouse-gas reduction goals cost-effectively. In addition to on-road solutions, Gevo also produces renewable jet fuel for those municipalities who need to reduce the greenhouse gases associated with aircraft and soon intends to have an alcohol-derived low-carbon renewable diesel free of particulates and sulfur.


Watch this video to learn about how advanced renewable fuels are more than just an additive. Instead renewable gasoline can replace the whole gallon of fossil-based fuel, achieving the benefit of carbon reduction for 100 percent of the fuel in the tank.

Webinar: Clean Cities & Gevo

Municipal governments can take a leadership role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by partnering with Gevo through a Clean Cities program. The vehicles in service now can help hit emissions targets simply by changing fuel, thanks to our advanced bio-based renewable fuels with net-zero carbon emissions. Watch the webinar to learn more.
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Cities Can Take the Lead to Cut Pollution and Improve Air Quality

Advanced bio-based renewable fuels can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of cities today and begin to solve the world’s carbon-footprint problems at the same time.
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Gevo’s Renewable Gasoline Will Power Seattle’s City Fleet Vehicles
Gevo has made the winning bid in a competitive process conducted by the City of Seattle to provide renewable gasoline to its fleet vehicles. Gevo has been awarded a four (4) year contract, with three (3) two-year extensions, to supply at minimum 200,000 gallons/year of renewable isobutanol and 600,000 gallons/year renewable isooctane (“renewable gasoline”) to the City of Seattle to displace fossil-based gasoline part of Seattle’s Green Fleet Action Plan (GFAP).

Gevo’s Low-Carbon Renewable Isobutanol Program Succeeded in Lowering Seattle’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions in a Test
Gevo announced the successful completion of the City of Seattle’s Phase I trial pilot of fleet vehicles utilizing Gevo’s low carbon, renewable drop-in isobutanol blended gasoline to reduce greenhouse gas emissions form its fleet of vehicles.The City confirmed they saw 18 metric tons of carbon reduction during the Phase I pilot trial using Gevo’s low carbon, renewable fuel and zero adverse effects to their fleet vehicles.