A Partnership Between Gevo and Google Cloud Expects to Enable Users to Track and Verify Emissions Using Datasets and Analytics Tools

Gevo, Inc. is partnering with Google Cloud to measure and verify the efficacy of next-generation biofuels across the supply chain via full lifecycle sustainability data tracking. Using technology developed by Verity Tracking, a division of Gevo, the collaboration is expected to enable users to track and verify emissions using datasets and analytics tools from Google Cloud. The goal will be to help companies create a more data-driven approach to understanding and lowering greenhouse gas intensity globally.

Together, Google Cloud and Verity expect to work on product-level engagements to address market and customer needs. Utilizing Google Cloud’s analytics tools and Google Earth Engine’s multi-petabyte catalog of Earth observation data, Gevo and Verity expect to provide measured verification of asset-level atmospheric emissions reductions, renewable energy-powered electricity for processing, and land-use changes with soil quality and water impacts to support Gevo’s smart agriculture and carbon intensity claims, from farm to flight.

While many organizations around the world are prioritizing sustainability and are focused on reducing the carbon intensity of their operations, many of them are unsure how to track and measure their impact. The core issue to understanding greenhouse gas emissions is to get good data and analyze it effectively. Nowadays that means looking at the full lifecycle of products, from raw materials that go into them, the process used to produce, package, and deliver them, to the impact of end use. Gevo and Verity have come up with a solution that is complemented by the Google Cloud data platform, and expect to offer tools that are uniquely positioned to track emissions and environmental factors across the full product lifecycle. With this information available, any business can factor in their current impact and look for ways to reduce emissions and improve sustainability.

Gevo has a deep understanding of the needs that this partnership addresses. “Understanding the full sustainability life cycle, especially that of greenhouse gases, is critical for energy transition because it provides the insight to solve the real problems, show proof of claims, and eliminate through data the speculation that occurs,” said Dr. Patrick Gruber, CEO of Gevo. “Google Cloud and the Verity team are focused on working together to close the data gaps between smart agriculture at the farm level and measuring the carbon intensity through the full carbon lifecycle. We expect to build the technology and tools to track carbon intensity of renewable natural gas, sustainable aviation fuel, renewable diesel, farming, and eventually forestry and forest products.”

Verity is looking to move this into an even broader realm, extending beyond biofuels for verification and tracking of SEC Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and environmental factors for all industries.

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