How Does the World Treat Key LCA Aspects Compared To Argonne GREET?

Several biofuel regulations and programs have been adopted globally in the past 13 years. They are based on LCA carbon intensities, and some of them have benefited from the GREET model:

The California Low-Carbon Fuel Standard (with CA-GREET3.0)

The Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation by the UN International

Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO CORSIA)

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Renewable Fuel Standard (EPA RFS)

The European Renewable Energy Directive (EU REDII)

The Canadian Clean Fuel Standard (CFS)

RenovaBio, a carbon reduction regulation used by Brazil

GREET is comprehensive by including many parameters which have significant effects on biofuels CIs. It is transparent and consistent to examine feedstock growth and fuel conversion. With annual release, GREET benefits from up-to-date data from government agencies and industry surveys. These cited regulations/programs could have frequent, needed updates from GREET to reflect the state of the biofuel industry.

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