Growing the Future Together

Gevo doesn’t just purchase feedstock from farmers. Instead we work with farmers as partners, to encourage sustainable growing techniques and help them to use scientific methods. The result: farms yield more bushels per acre, keep and improve the soil, and capture more and more carbon than ever before. All of these results fit into our goal of reducing greenhouse gases, reducing the carbon intensity of energy, and making bio-based fuels and chemicals in ways that are sustainable both economically and environmentally.

Learn more about our feedstocks, and the regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming we research and encourage to capture carbon from the atmosphere.

Advanced Agriculture: Our Farmers Use Techniques that Boost Yield and Improve the Soil

The creation of renewable next-generation fuel begins in America’s Heartland, where No. 2 yellow dent corn is raised in vast quantities by farmers who have been stewards of the land for generations. These farmers know their plots, and they understand how to get more corn out of each acre. Their land is their future, and...
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