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Community Feedback Report Form

RNG Plant – NW Iowa

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    At Gevo, we believe that improving the quality of life in our world starts with our own community, and that means being a good neighbor first. 

    To manage feedback in our community, we will first take the precaution to ensure we secure local approval for our operations by identifying issues of concern that are important to the community and addressing them in a timely manner. We also try to limit disruption to our communities in our daily operations. Should issues still arise, we will manage each one separately through a specific community feedback report procedure, which outlines a process for receiving, investigating, and responding to each concern promptly, fairly, and consistently. 

    We strive to conduct our operations professionally and with a focus on developing best practices and steady improvement with respect to all parties. To help resolve issues, we have instituted a procedure to address each feedback communication and develop practices that will reduce the chance of repetition of the situation.

    For the purposes of this procedure, Gevo defines issues related to feedback as an expression of dissatisfaction stemming from a real or perceived impact of our operations through our actions or those of our suppliers, vendors, or contractors. Gevo’s procedure will be based on contacting our stakeholders first to reduce the risk of any retaliation.

    The feedback report procedure will help Gevo and those potentially impacted by its operations to resolve issues in a non-judicial manner. However, Gevo’s feedback report procedure does not replace, nor obstruct affected stakeholders including local community from, access to judicial or to other forms of remedial systems with regards to their complaints/grievances. The procedure offers a channel to resolve grievances in non-judicial manner and, depending on the case, access to remedy for community members.

    We aim to resolve issues raised in feedback quickly, and will respond to the initial contact usually within the first two business days in cases where immediate resolution is necessary and/or possible. When more investigation is required, resolution can take up to a maximum of 45 days

    Gevo’s community feedback report procedure aims to be fully aligned with company best practice guidelines.