Impact 2022

At Gevo, we’re focused on creating a business system around a circular economy that creates food and fuel.

Gevo is on a mission to make net-zero, drop-in hydrocarbon fuels and chemicals. Gevo strives to be the leader in transparency around our products’ climate impact, and we hope this transparency redefines how people think about sustainable biofuels across the industry. We believe we can deliver economical and scalable renewable products and track the data for auditable greenhouse gas reductions. We call our annual ESG (environmental, social, and governance) report Impact. Review it below the video.

Gevo Releases the New Impact, a Comprehensive ESG Report

The role of sustainability continues to grow in importance as numerous factors continue to affect the lives of every person on the planet.

We set out to document all aspects of our business through the lens of the worldwide impact they have. This process allows us to note where we are improving, and also direct efforts where we need to focus our attention. This report is a culmination of this key step to understanding our business and helping our stakeholders, investors, customers, regulators, and others to know Gevo even better, and appreciate what we’re seeking to accomplish. Here is our latest version of Impact, an updated report that spells out how our environmental impact, sustainability, and governance work together to improve our world.

Impact: The Report on Environment, Social, and Governance for 2022

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