What’s New in Biofuel?

Gevo constantly researches new ways to make biofuel that will displace more fossil fuels, be more efficient to produce, and improves the efficiency of the methods. We’re always looking to take more and more carbon out of the process.

Check back here for updates on our latest ideas.

What Gevo Fuels and Processes Leave Out

At Gevo, we build our entire business around sustainability. That’s the whole principle behind our new Net-Zero 1 plant that we’re building in Lake Preston, South Dakota, where we expect to create energy-dense liquid hydrocarbons through processes that are sustainable.

Isobutanol Is a Building Block for Advanced Renewable Fuels and More

Gevo’s Bio-Based Isobutanol Production Process Explained: As the ethanol industry evolves, more production plants are seeking ways to add additional products to their production capability and ways to increase margin at their site. One of those options is production of isobutanol and its derivatives including octane, jet fuel blendstock, and other drop-in hydrocarbons. Commercial production of biobased isobutanol, alongside ethanol, has been in operation since 2014 at Gevo’s Luverne, MN, facility in a ‘side-by-side’ operation where various streams in the plant are shared between the operations to minimize capital and operating cost. Read about it in this white paper “An Overview of Gevo’s Biobased Isobutanol Production Process” by Christopher Ryan, PhD.