Biofuel Is Hard at Work Today

Gevo is always looking for ways to get its product into the marketplace, to show the world what can be done to remove carbon from the energy and transportation process. Learn about the latest deals and how they will help remove more fossil carbon from the atmosphere.

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Bill Gates Understands the Importance of Biofuel

Gates shows his understanding of electric vehicles and their limitations, and then suggests that bio-based renewable fuel may play an active role in delivering us to a zero-carbon future.

Biobutanol Coalition Requests EPA Relief from Outdated, Restrictive Regulations

While Isobutanol has been approved for blending up to 12.5 volume percent under specific conditions for many years, EPA’s recent approval of the additive up to 16 percent by volume have, by the Agency’s own acknowledgment, resulted in “…… the potential for the widespread introduction of isobutanol into commerce……” This potential is, however, limited by a number of outdated and unnecessarily restrictive regulations which can significantly impair the potential for this valuable additive to realize its market value and potential.

Low-Carbon, Bio-Based Sustainable Aviation Fuel

The aviation industry faces substantial challenges to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and improve environmental sustainability in the face of rapid growth. The International Air Transport Association expects the number of flights in 2019 to be 40 million worldwide, with growth in jet-fuel demand estimated at 3 billion gallons per year. Simultaneously, the industry has declared a desire to freeze emissions and achieve carbon-neutral growth by 2020. The industry also has announced targets for a 50-percent reduction in carbon emissions (based on 2005 levels) by 2050. The expected growth in flight volume indicates the aviation industry will explore new technologies to help reduce carbon emissions. Sustainable Aviation Fuel provides a reduced carbon footprint while adhering to the strict requirements that all aviation fuel must.