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Gevo produces whitepapers to help share information about our renewable fuels and our production process, and how we are increasing sustainability up and down the supply chain, and tracking it.

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Gevo Whitepaper – The Circular Economy
Look at the whole picture, and the future can be powered with a sustainable system with fuels that use atmospheric carbon while employing natural systems that sequester carbon, add protein to the food supply, and improve the soil.









Food and Fuels: Striking the Right Balance
Advanced renewable fuels offer a pathway to sustainable energy sources that also contribute to a healthier, readily available food supply.











Gevo Whitepaper – Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Gevo’s Alcohol-to-Jet pathways are proven to deliver bio-based, drop-in replacements as low-carbon options for travelers and the businesses that serve them.









Gevo Whitepaper – Isobutanol Production Process
The isobutanol-ethanol side-by-side dry-mill production process is a scalable pathway to a variety of renewable biofuels and chemicals and their markets.







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