Impact 2020

At Gevo, we’re focused on sustainability in every facet of our business, from suppliers and the energy used in our processes, to how our products impact the market. It’s fitting then, that Impact is what we call our annual ESG (environmental, social, and governance) report. Review it below the video.

Gevo Releases Impact, a Comprehensive ESG Report

Now more than ever, it’s obvious that sustainability will play a role in the lives of every person on the planet. Documenting our processes and procedures based on the worldwide impact they have is a key step. Herewith, we present Impact, a report that spells out how our environmental impact, sustainability and governance work together to improve our world.


Gevo Harnesses the Power of People to Strengthen Rural Communities

We believe in being a strong partner and creating value for stockholders, customers, suppliers, employees, and the local communities where we operate. Our employees are inspired to make the world a better place by contributing protein to the food chain while commercializing groundbreaking sustainable transportation fuels that drive down our customers’ GHG footprint. We locate...
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Gevo Leverages Nature’s Carbon Sequestration System to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

At Gevo, we believe farming is the key to a “carbon revolution,” where agriculture shifts from incidental to intentional in its fight against climate change. Farmers are already beginning to implement growing techniques on a large scale to capture vast quantities of atmospheric carbon dioxide and put it in the ground via root systems. The...
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Drop-In Fuels Can Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Immediately

Greenhouse gas emissions have been rising steadily since the dawn of the industrial age, with atmospheric carbon dioxide reaching just over 417 parts per million (ppm) in May 2020. Smog and ozone are caused when nitrogen oxides react with sunlight, and these and other types of pollution are caused by fossil fuels that can damage...
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