Impact 2021

At Gevo, we’re focused on sustainability in every facet of our business, from our feedstock supplies and how they impact land use and the people who produce them, to the energy we use in our production processes, to how our products have an impact on the market. It’s fitting then, that Impact is what we call our annual ESG (environmental, social, and governance) report. Review it below the video.

Gevo Releases the New Impact, a Comprehensive ESG Report

The role of sustainability continues to grow in importance as numerous factors continue to affect the lives of every person on the planet. As we set out to document our processes and procedures based on the worldwide impact they have, and mark where we are improving, and also where we need to focus our attention, is a key step to understanding our business and helping our stakeholders, investors, customers, regulators, and others to have a better understanding of Gevo and what we’re seeking to accomplish. Herewith, we present the latest version of Impact, an updated report that spells out how our environmental impact, sustainability and governance work together to improve our world.

Gevo Targets Use of SAF with More Than 50-Percent GHG Reductions

Gevo has developed Alcohol-to-Jet pathways using proprietary technologies, including development through processes using ethanol and isobutanol to make SAF and other energy-dense renewable hydrocarbons. By collaborating with farmers and improving our processes, we’re committed to producing advanced renewable fuels with reduced carbon intensity. Additionally, Gevo was awarded a patent in September 2021 for a process...
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Helping People Is a Core Value at Gevo

We are out to change paradigms of what is possible by establishing equitable value chains that solve problems impacting all of us. Everyone benefits. We intend to make the world a better place by catalyzing change in agricultural systems, making them more sustainable and profitable, benefiting people as well as strengthening the food supply chain....
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We Expect to Be a World Leader in Sustainability and Support the United Nations and Its Sustainable Development Goals

Gevo is a company built on sustainability, growth, improvement, and innovation. As such, our goals align closely with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations. Whether we are hiring new professionals, developing renewable energy solutions for our commercial plants, or working with the farmers to store carbon when growing our industrial...
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Gevo Harnesses the Power of People to Strengthen Rural Communities

We believe in being a strong partner and creating value for stockholders, customers, suppliers, employees, and the local communities where we operate. Our employees are inspired to make the world a better place by contributing protein to the food chain while commercializing groundbreaking sustainable transportation fuels that drive down our customers’ GHG footprint. We locate...
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Gevo Leverages Nature’s Carbon Sequestration System to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

At Gevo, we believe farming is the key to a “carbon revolution,” where agriculture shifts from incidental to intentional in its fight against climate change. Farmers are already beginning to implement growing techniques on a large scale to capture vast quantities of atmospheric carbon dioxide and put it in the ground via root systems. The...
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Drop-In Fuels Can Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Immediately

Greenhouse gas emissions have been rising steadily since the dawn of the industrial age, with atmospheric carbon dioxide reaching just over 417 parts per million (ppm) in May 2020. Smog and ozone are caused when nitrogen oxides react with sunlight, and these and other types of pollution are caused by fossil fuels that can damage...
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