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The market size for ethanol free (E0) gasoline is estimated by the EIA to be about 5 billion gallons per year, outside of RFG regions. RFG areas are required to sell gasoline containing an oxygenate. Up to this point, ethanol was the only gasoline oxygenate available. Gevo’s isobutanol enables ethanol free gasoline in RFG areas. When RFG regions are included in the market size estimation, the total ethanol free market is expected to be about 7 billion gallons per year. It’s big potential. Who buys it? Owners of boats, small engines, sports cars, luxury cars, and farmers. See the video below to see what OEMs and the industry have to say about Gevo’s EtOH Free Gasoline Blendstock.


What Engine Manufacturers Say about Gevo's Ethanol Free Gasoline

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  • The American gasoline market is estimated at over 140 BGPY
  • The estimated market size of clear gasoline (E0) is 5.3 BGPY
  • The RFG markets is 30% of the total market or 42BGPY
  • Currently, clear gasoline can’t be sold in RFG areas because it doesn’t contain an oxygenate.
  • Isobutanol enables ethanol free gasoline markets in RFG areas.  To calculate the market size, apply the same percentages that E0 has in non-RFG markets to RFG markets.

The size of RFG E0 market would be about 2,271 MGPY.

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