Animal Feed Is a Co-Product that Makes Our Biofuel Better

Anyone who knows anything about nutrition in the world and the dangers of malnutrition pays attention to protein. Inexpensive animal feed and protein products enable lower-cost sources of food, and it’s critical to reduce the carbon footprint of food production as well, since it’s a huge industry with its own set of carbon sources and greenhouse gas emissions.

When Gevo processes non-edible field corn, we capture large quantities of protein. We don’t just discard it, because it has value. Instead, we use the protein that results from our production process to make high-protein animal feed. Our plant in Luverne produces more animal feed on a tonnage basis than it does alcohols: For every gallon of Gevo fuel produced, we expect to generate up to ten pounds (roughly five kilograms) of animal feed and protein, and the value from this co-product helps our product line cost structure. Lower greenhouse gas emissions and improved human nutrition matters to us and the world.