Additional Gevo Products

Gevo Never Stops Exploring Ways to Use Our Low-Carbon Bio-Based Raw Materials

At Gevo, we are always looking at ways to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil sources for fuels and chemicals, by creating new efficiencies, finding better ways to do things, and implementing and scaling innovative solutions to fulfill market needs. Check back here often to see what products we have in the development pipeline.


Sometimes known as biobutanol, isobutanol is a building block for many of Gevo’s fuel and chemical products, and its creation has been a key breakthrough for many energy-dense liquid hydrocarbons.

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The market for ethanol is the largest biofuel market in the world, and we can make it in our Luverne, Minnesota, plant.

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Gevo’s isobutylene is the starting point for many chemicals and can replace the fossil-fuel base on which so many rely, with a low carbon intensity that will appeal to a huge portion of the market.

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Renewable Gasoline

Based on a mix of isooctane, isobutanol, and ethanol, depending on the market, this renewable fuel could eventually replace petro fuels and blends.

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Renewable Diesel

As a byproduct of our ethanol-to-jet production process, Gevo’s renewable diesel has the potential to reinvent the transportation industry, and also has low sulfur content and no particulates.

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