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Renewable & Clean

We developed technology based on the best synthetic biology, best classic biology and best chemical industry production techniques to convert carbohydrates to low carbon chemicals and fuels.   Our source of carbon is CO2 in the atmosphere, the GHG itself, captured by plants in the form of carbohydrates.  Ideally, the plants are grown with sustainable growing methods wherever possible, building soil quality and carbon levels.  We like to capture the protein produced by the plants and supply it to the feed markets and eventually food markets, too.  The carbohydrates are separated from the protein and fermented via specially design yeast to make low cost alcohols like ethanol, isobutanol and or higher alcohols.  The alcohols can be sold directly for chemical or fuel use.   We especially like to take the alcohols and convert with clean catalytic chemical processes to produce products for renewable jet fuel, gasoline, polyester, rubber products, as well as specialty chemicals, fine chemicals, and ingredients for flavors and fragrances.

Just a few alcohols lead to a world of products and markets.  Our technologies work.  Our mission is to make our business profitable and big.

Our Technology. Our Plants.

Our Plant in Luverne, MN

Our plant in Luverne has gone through a major transformation since we acquired it.  It currently is set up to produce about 100 million pounds of animal feed, about 20 million gallons per year of ethanol, with an IBA production capacity of 1.5 MGPY, and 3 million lbs of vegetable oil.  The IBA production line is a full-scale line that can be run in campaigns.

  • 60% Renewable Electricity

  • Natural Gas

  • Low cost carbohydrate feedstocks

  • Multiple fermenters of 3000, 10,000, 30,000, and 265,000 gallon sizes

  • 55 acre site allows room to build

  • Rail access

  • Good access to feed market


Our Alcohol to Hydrocarbons Plant in Silsbee, TX

Our alcohol to hydrocarbons plant has been operating since 2011.  This plant is a demonstration size plant which produces about 50,000 gallons of hydrocarbon products in a year.  We’ve used this plant to prove out product quality and generate product to develop the market place.  Products made here include:  jet fuel, isooctane, paraxylene, and isooctene.  This plant owned by and operated in partnership with South Hampton Resources in Silsbee, TX.

  • Proprietary processing based on standard unit operations leads to high yields, with minimum of co-products

  • Gevo has been producing jet fuel and isooctane here since 2011

  • Simple product mix of ATJ and isooctane, yields at 98% of theoretical

The isobutanol to hydrocarbons conversion technology is a simple economic process that is straightforward to scale using established petrochemical equipment.


Feedstocks + Gevo

Our technology has the capability to use almost any carbohydrate feedstock.  The advantage of using fermentation technology to produce products that cross over into what has traditionally been the petro-chemical world is that fermentation technology takes the extreme complexity and variability of bio-based raw materials and makes a simple alcohol that is readily converted to chemicals using standard chemical industry techniques.

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