Fueling the Community: Gevo Encourages Volunteer Leadership

Our team members work at Gevo, but they also understand that they’re part of a greater community

Taking care of where we live is one way we set ourselves apart—it’s a key aspect of understanding sustainability and it ties directly with a sense of social responsibility.

One way Gevo supports our team members is by letting them share their time to help causes that they think are important. Any person on the Gevo team can volunteer in support of an event in their community and get paid for their time, up to 16 hours each year. This means our volunteers can fulfill tasks that are a part of their personal mission, and feel supported by their employer as they pursue that goal.


Number of hours Gevo employees volunteered in their community last year, some of which was subsidized by our Fueling the Community Program

Volunteer projects take on many forms, whether it’s team members cleaning up hiking trails and doing trail maintenance for a local land trust, putting together care packages for the elderly at a community center, or serving at local food banks.

Gevo can also help organize events for Gevo employees, including a local effort to support Habitat for Humanity. It’s just one way that we’re a people-first company, and we’re looking for ways to give back and play a role in the local community. We see volunteerism as a way for people to show their character as they grow and put their values into action.