Gevo Careers at Net-Zero 1

Join our team that is bringing advanced renewable fuels to market at Net-Zero 1.

This first-of-its-kind facility under development in Lake Preston, South Dakota, is expected to create energy-dense liquids from sustainable feedstocks and renewable energy. The name “Net-Zero 1” is a reference to the net-zero greenhouse gas emissions expected over the whole life of the fuel products we will produce, and that includes the use of the fuel to power transportation or run a boiler.

How will it work? At Gevo, we design our business around carbon value, so this key metric has an impact on everything we do. We expect to transform renewable energy sources into a drop-in, fungible commodity that can be stored and transported globally and easily.

  • Fuels produced from agricultural residue, a component of abundant corn feedstock, while producing high-value protein products and corn oil
  • 100% of the thermal demand for boilers expected to be met with biogas generated on-site from a wastewater treatment plant
  • Behind-the-Meter renewable wind power will be used for electricity needs
  • Green Hydrogen is expected to be made from water and renewable electricity
  • Optionality to bring additional renewable natural gas into the program