Gevo Careers at the RNG Facility in Northwest Iowa

Gevo opened our wholly owned Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) facility in Northwest Iowa, and it is expected to produce approximately 355,000 MMBtu of RNG per year.

The idea was to create a source of RNG to meet the thermal energy needs of our Net-Zero facilities currently under development while simultaneously recycling biogas from manure produced by 20,000 dairy cows. We hold up this facility as an example of how renewable energy can work for years to come, and we’re excited to continue our partnership with area farmers.

NW Iowa RNG fits Gevo’s business model of exploring ways to use renewable carbon while also dialing in sustainability and optimizing renewable resources. By using the methane from dairy manure as an energy source, we’re deriving something of value that would otherwise release high levels of methane to the atmosphere. Even better, using digesters to capture the methane still leaves the fertilizer value and nutrients available intact, yet creates more options for sustainable farming. This smart thinking about waste reduction is a cornerstone of the circular economy at the core of Gevo’s business model.